Saturday, September 13, 2008

Uncompromised Fashion


I just discovered this designer from Antwerp, the land where many an avant-garde garment is born.

not much on him(her?) or the label itself, just pics and prices of the clothes.

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I'm getting a Helmut Lang meets Marjan Pejoski kind of vibe from these clothes. The bag is quite genius.

My picks:
the first white shirtdress (GORGEOUSSS)
the black hood cape
the skirt

The prices are not exorbitant either!

add: my incredibly curious (nosy) side decided to explore the Photobucket account linked to the images. I found some pretty freaky-ass stuff:





WTF!??!?! so many questions.

  • denim bondage masks?
  • is the mask-hoodie going to become the new rapper's hoodie of choice, after the zip-up skeleton one?
  • why am I still looking at the last picture when it creeps me out so much?

I like a designer that is kind of twisted (*cough*rickowens*cough*).


pics from Uncompromised's Myspace.


Marina said...

Very cool clothes. I love white dress, it is simply perfect. I love complicated clothes, this brand is really interesting!

Anonymous said...

ahahah @ that mask! btw I love some of those clothes <3

beccajanie said...

those are some intense garments! I do like the black dress with white bolero/hoodie? Interesting.

Mark said...

Good stuff Oscar.

- une mandarine

Anonymous said...


Im from Uncompromised, glad you like the stuff,

we abandoned our myspace page

but we are working hard