Monday, September 1, 2008


I have finally arrived in Italy after a month-long vacation in both Mexico and my beloved San Francisco. I had an amazing time and got some much-needed relaxation (and a small amount of shopping) done!

I apologize for not updating much but I will be more present now :)

I hope everyone's summer was FIERCE.

I was browsing the interwebs today and I came upon SANS, a label launched by Alessandro Devito and Lika Volkova. Very architectural, stark, clean lines abound in the collection and the silhouettes push the boundary.

looks 1 and 2 are literal jump "suits"... I appreciate the idea but I won't be wearing these anytime soon. I would, however, wear the crap out of the third look (with the red). I usually dislike red very much, but if it's a yellow-hued red it appeals to me a bit more.
On a side note, I was quite taken aback when I saw the primary red (almost a blue-hued red) tanks and cardis that Rick Owens did for fw08 at Barney's. So many gorgeous colors to choose from and he chooses stark red! I'm just not feeling that.
I would, however, wear this with thick grey tights, for modesty's sake!

Moving on, I immediately thought of a space-age french maid when I saw looks 4 and 5. When I become a billionaire and will have my own flying mansion/space station, this is what the help is going to be wearing.

I have no comment on the last look, it looks like they tried much to hard to be avant-garde. The layering and juxtaposition of materials is completely random, and don't get me started on the proportions.

Overall, their concept is very interesting and have some pretty funky socks and hats available for sale on their website. They also offer some of their past-season patterns so you can recreate some of the pieces at home. w00t!

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Anonymous said...

A month long vacation? I would definitely be relaxed after that. <3