Saturday, September 13, 2008

I disagree..

..with whomever thinks Sasha is the poster girl for the "faceless russian robot girls" that flooded the runways after the brazilians. I do believe there are many anonymous faces that are overrated out there, but she isn't one of them!

I give you one of my all-time favorite editorials:

DIVA: Sasha Pivovarova shot by Miles Aldridge

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Her expression says so much without talking. Besides the excellent photography, this is PHENOMENAL modeling. Not a blank-stared cyborg at all :)

is she smiling with her eyes, Tyra?

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Anonymous said...

yesss... Sasha is imo one of the most expressive and 'honest' models (like Lara Stone)... I don't get why some people think she is dull!