Thursday, September 25, 2008

Disappointment #1

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need I say more?

I usually wait till I bash a collection, because 70% of the time it grows on me as I digest it.

Not this time.

As I do appreciate the metallic fabric (it supposedly cinkles to mold to the wearer, not unlike aluminum foil) and the drawstrings meant to be undone to expose other garments underneath (or maybe skin), this collection is very unappealing. It seemed uninspired, as if Miuccia just decided on a tech-y, innovative fabric and just whipped up some flimsy layering pieces.
She reportedly said that it was based on the "early woman, obsessed with gold and snake print". I don't know, I just feel that one of the most revered desigers of our time would come up with a less superficial and vague statement.

Moreover, the excecution was appalling. The shoes were so high that more than a couple models stumbled or fell. Many people that attended the show admitted to have been distracted by the perilous shoes.

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from The Telegraph:

“I was having a panic attack, my hands were shaking. The heels were so high,” one of the models said. “Some of the girls were crying backstage they were so scared.”

Ms Prada said the shoes were safe, but had been made slippery by the little bow-tied socket’s the girls were wearing with them. The heels would be lower when the shoes went into the shops next year, she said.
As if Miuccia cared. She was probably only pissed that the models couldn't keep their balance.

another excerpt, from Sarah Mower's review on the collection on
There was something fabulously Italian about all this shameless reveling in femininity. The fifties overtones, with the high chignons, the ruched bras, and swishing rear action in the below-knee pencil skirts, managed to channel the heyday of Cinecittà without cliché. Best of all, this is a collection destined to look even better on a woman with a real body than it does on a teen model. And that, Mrs. Prada surely knows, really is "what counts."

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Marina said...

You sooo damn right!I don't like killer shoes and of course such a anorecsic girls!Bodies like this make some normal stupid girls think that they are not look good.