Saturday, September 13, 2008


Unexplicably I have been drawn to big, shaggy fur jackets such as the famous Alaia one now on Yoox for *1700* pounds.

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I know they were all the rage last winter, seeing as how Topshop and Elizabeth and James came out with one, but I am just now warming up to the concept.

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I found this great shaggy fur vest in Zara around a month ago. I really loved the concept so I tried it on.

zara vest:

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As much as I liked the overall effect, I didn't think I could pull it off or get that much wear out of it.
It reminded me too much of those Ikea soft faux fur rugs. Maybe with a thin black patent belt cinching it it could work.

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Plus, me and my shopping buddies discovered that it consisted solely of a rectangle with two arm holes cut into it!!

I am now determined to make my own. How hard can it be? All I need is a big piece of shaggy fabric of some kind and some scissors.
I am curious to see what will happen if I don't exactly make a rectangle, but maybe a more 'out there' shape + the two arm holes. I hope it will come out looking (and draping!) something like this Ann D fur vest:

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I hope to post soon with the results of my project :D


Marina said...

I love fur vests!One of my personal must-have this season. In school I had fur coat from Peruan lama's fur. It was so cool and so hippie-chic but I throw it few years ago.Now I'm sad(((

JJ said...

Marina: you are the fur queen!! I can't wait for winter so I can see all your gorgeous coats you talk about :P
How sad that you threw out the peruvian lamb coat... alpaca, is it?
so very soft... :)