Wednesday, December 30, 2009

get your Rick Owens shoe fix!! just posted up some (including an extremely rare pair of python sneakers) on the **cookie market*** so get at them.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


the first person to accurately spot and identify the iconic couturier enjoying the Comme des Garcons ss05 show will win an e-hug!!

the prize:





Bloggerella has won!! it is our beloved Azzedine Alaia, naturally sitting next to his BFF, the magnificent Carla Sozzani. Big e-hug for you!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

One of my fav art&fashion mags, Mug Magazine, has featured yours truly for an article on new bloggers !!
I've never really been "featured" anywhere before (I may have had a recipe for quesadillas published in my middle school newspaper) so this is really exciting.

MUG is a biannual published by Lazzari that covers emerging as well as established designers, concept stores, artists, and more. Have a look at their archive and subscribe while you're at it!

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blog buddy Pillole di Moda is also featured so make sure to check her (and HeavyHeels) out.

Thank you MUG!


Merry (insert whatever you might be celebrating)!!

I'm not a huge Christmas person so please forgive the lack of holiday cheer on the blog.

I haven't given up on Xmas completely though.. how can I when the best part is the food??!

This little box of joy is only available during the holiday season. If you are ever in Italy in the winter, do NOT pass up the chance to eat either the traditional Pandoro or Panettone, possibly accompanied by a Moscato or any other dessert wine... YUM!!

In other news, here is a pic of me and my assistant keepin' it realz after gobbling up kilos and kilos of BaccalĂ ...

BF's vintage burberry shades, custom made sheepskin gilet

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

are your fashions bathroom-proof?

One of the blogs I follow, Grey, recently did a post reviewing the ss10 collections prematurely seeping in at LVR. While I was very much enjoying the oft questionably-styled images of Ann D, Rick Owens and company, I screamed when I saw this Givenchy silk blouse...

exactly **what** does the fierce bitch wearing this blaus do if she suddenly feels the need to go to the bathroom in a public place?? like what if Carine urgently needs to piss right after the Balmain show?

those goddamn long sleeve ties are just yearning to caress a grimy surface, or better yet, be dipped inside the toilet when pulling down pants/wiping/etc

I guess it's all good only if homegirl washes her hands as the ties will inevitably fall into the sink and soak up some liquid soap. all clean and Jak&Jil ready!

(LOL I love how public bathroom laws are the first thing I thought of when I saw this)

pics from luisaviaroma via Grey

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Fashion today is overflowing with collections referencing cultures around the globe (notoriously India, Africa, and Japan) so much that any such inspiration is now generically labeled "ethnic" or "tribal".

well, can someone explain to me WHY no one has brought back the chola recently?

she made a watered-down appearance at Galliano SS02...

and we saw a lil' bit of chola makeup at Dior fw2007..

but THAT'S IT.

I know my girl Brian has big plans for this look and we really think the Chola needs to have a moment again!!


backstage at Dior Couture SS11

I'm seeing diamond hoop earrings, silk scrunchies, crusty bangs, silk bandannas, cashmere jersey ribbed wifebeaters... and of course you can't forget an obersais tee with an airbrushed virgencita

Oh god I'm having flashbacks, I remember cholas back in my day used to rock tinyass backbacks and huge sweatshirts **inside out**

u talkin to me like u know me puto

I hope Omahyra reads this, I know esa is representing and she has the power to convince designers to go down the path of the crusty bang

(I'm also seeing a minaudiere shaped like a switchblade for a fansi dinner at the taqueria but I may be taking this too far...?)

credits:,flickr - Mike Giant/agent_lover, jeremyscott, the chola thread at TFS

exactly ***what**** happened to Pauric Sweeney?? I'm not sure if a lot of people are familiar with his bags but a few years ago when he appeared on the scene his bags (and the Chloe python silverado) ignited my strongly burning love for anything scaly.

This bag on the arm of a certain hollywood hag that shall not be named became my obsession, and thus many an Ebay saved search ensued.

I eventually got over PS bags, but today while I was looking through the Yoox sale I found that his gorgeous python & patent leather creations had evolved into



I dont even....

(this is me @ the Pauric Sweeney showroom)

it's like running into that hot-ass guy you hopelessly lusted after in high school after 5 years and finding he put on 20kgs and is wearing a snuggie and crocs.*

Something similar is going on at the McQueen accessories dept... it looks like they hired someone from the Marc by MJ team to overdesign this Novak/Elvie/whatever

I mean... what is it with that useless diagonal zipper with its clumsy pull?

buckles, snap buttons, contrasting trim.

and this black one? it's not as offensive but still completely anonymous and pretty MBMJ'ed

I know that the blog has been a festering cesspool of negativity lately so here is one that I do like:

Not all is lost at the McQueen accessories dept!! VERQ!


guys I think Blumarine wants to bring back the Dior Gambler...



*this actually happened to me**

** the subject in question wasn't wearing a snuggie, but he might as well have been

pics from: purseblog, bagwhiz, yoox,

Monday, December 14, 2009


(tweed boob shields)

I know everyone loves Rodarte and shit but I'm just gonna go out and say it... I don't effing ***GET**** Rodarte
They put on great shows each time with a strong, modern inspiration that doesn't take itself too seriously (japanese gore movies, cyber amazon warriors, technicolor naiad faries).

but besides giving us that and providing the obligatory OH MY GOD I DIE I DIE, ALL KINDS OF AMAZING, etc item each season, I fail to see the common thread between the collection pieces that make it to retail. What exactly does the non-runway Rodarte woman look like?

I am not denying they have vision, nor am I denying their capability to translate their refreshing, unexpected inspirations very well on the runway as well as in editorials, BUT... retail is another story.

I was looking at their selection at Colette and it looked like an Anna Sui+Gareth Pugh+Balenciaga hodgepodge... maybe a bad buy?

and then there's the Target collection....

I mean...

what is this?

It looks like 00's thrift chic??

ugly prom dresses worn with denim jackets and docssssss AY JESUCITOOO

I was expecting more acid colored loose knits, cutout pleather and ripped (poly)chiffon.

Maybe even a geological strata-print cotton tee? why go the way of the now trite skeleton print?

I bet F21 is gonna do Rodarte for F21 better than Rodarte does Rodarte for Target.

Thoughts on the subject? maybe I'm missing something... please enlighten me!

pic from, nytimes, yoox