Monday, June 29, 2009

Some new shoe drawings, I hope you like them despite them being a bit messy.

Balenciaga SS07 tron sandal

Prada ruffle shoe

Giambattista Valli platforms

I love doing these. more to come soon.

any requests??


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

New and amazing Rick Owens boots for teh menz up for sale on the cookie market... if you're a size 44 you absolutely need these in your life, TBH

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Feast your eyes on Stephen Venezia shoes.
I would like to halt any thoughts you might be having bordering on the "OMG MARGIELA KNOCKOFF" seeing as Stephen is actually the factory where Margiela (and Dries) shoes are made! this above might be the design that inspired the now-famous margiela triangle sandal, or vice-versa. We'll never know.

The designs are unique and proportioned, with no shortage of gorgeous innovative details. This is a case where the adjective "unique" is not a euphemism for "hideous".

zeppe stephen venezia

stivali stephen venezia

Stephen Venezia

The foldover boots are NUTS. I can't get enough of them. They are most stunning in that dove grey color.



pasame el palillo

Me and FoF have recently been sweating over Daniel Palillo.

pics from

Oversized scarves, sweaters and shirts have faces cut out on them, making them look like they're melting. Loving the contrast to see these goofy shapes and cartoony proportions with the sober black and white palette.
If you're gonna do oversized, go all the way and make a statement! this ain't the wimpy-ass american apparel "oversized".

This whole look is genius <3
DP is stocked at welcome hunters, shopfatal and doshaburi.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

changing room hijack

Tried on some Balenciaga at this random little store that sells past season stock.
The embroidery on the white shift was bat-shit crazy. I took a gander at the retail price and it was like 1995 euros, which honestly seems like Mervyn's pricing compared to the "new" standards we've been bombarded with lately. It was reduced down to 450. Even if I would've had the cash I wouldnt've got it because it barely covered my ass and I'm so not into that.

(blurred my face because the bad lighting cast some unsightly shadows on my mug)

tried on some ss08 floral junk but there is no way to get around that print. The shortsleeve top (230euro) in the pic above looked amazing on me, the shoulders were cut in the stiff scuba fabric so it gave a great silhouette. I wish he had chosen leopard or giraffe print instead.

ss07 dress (350)
Pardon the painfully blurry pic, but I had to hurry up and take the picture before the overbearing SA could barge back into the changing rooms with more shit to try on.

also tried on this Dior shortsleeve jacket (300 euro) in black. It was GORGEOUS and fit me like a glove. I started hotflashing right then and there.

here's what I wore

H&M cardigan
Bernhard Willhelm skirt
Chloe wedges
Giv Pumpkin