Saturday, February 28, 2009


Jean Claude Jitrois leather loveseat... how f*ckin baller is this piece of leathuh??? I love how it's from Luther Vandross's estate.

Yo Jane from Sea of shoes, I think you kinda need this in your house.


Ugh.. every time I see the show for "Herve Leger" at fashion week I get nauseous. Besides showing a collection that looked like nonfat Balmain (complete with crystalled minidress and one-maxi-shouldered thing), I cannot even fathom how the real Leger must feel to see his name trashed every season...and not being able to do anything.

This is not Leger!! Do not be fooled! this is effin BCBG!
I actually do not mind some of the dresses... but I find it horrible that this is supposed to be the "new" Leger when it is something else entirely. Ask anyone that has handled both the Max Azria and the auth Herve Leger, and they will tell you that there is absolutely no comparison. Real Herve is made of actual bandages and will work miracles on a girl's body, where the Azria is just...really really tight (and mass-produced in China).
Also, Leger was all about the womanly body and larger-than-life personality... at least choose some models that complete the whole Leger look, if you're going there. Nimue Smit is hardly what I would call a fierce bomb of a woman.

Let's pay homage to the REAL Herve... who now goes under "Herve. L. Leroux".

bask in the glory!!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

lines, proportions, curves... beautiful shoes never cease to inspire me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

just throwing it out there

Girls (and guys with small feet), I saw THE Ann D flat laceup boots at Altamoda today for....290 euros. in sizes 37 and 40. I am in recession mode at the moment so no buying for me, but in case you're interested in me making a pickup for you here is the info you need to know. I also saw:

- Black vest with ties -70% off 700 something euros

- Black mongolian fur vest - 70% off of 1200 something euros (can't remember the exaaact prices at the moment.

The mongolian fur vest is *spectacular*, someone besides me seriously needs this in their life.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Daphne Guinness on a budget

and we all thought "Daphne Guinness" and "budget" were mutually esclusive concepts... I came across this very interesting blog where Daphne frequently contributes. This has got to be my favorite post from it:

Guilt-Free Shopping

January 28, 2008 on 2:14 pm | In - Daphne | Comments Off

My friend and I were chatting over a Coca-Cola in New York City about fashion. We were on the seventh floor at Bergdorf Goodman discussing how clothing shops around the world are too big with the same products — it’s identical inventory with a different label. In fact, I get a bit freaked out in shops with too much product – it’s overwhelming. Nothing has character anymore, unless of course its couture, and that costs a fortune.


Since I didn’t make it to the couture fashion shows in Paris this week, I made a bet with my friend that I could get a couture look very similar to what’s on the runway for under $200.00. My friend said there was no way I could go out shopping in New York City and find a chic, couture look for under $200.00.

So, I decided to shake off the couture label for a couple of days and prove her wrong. I took her up on the challenge and found that bargain shopping is fun when you’re in the mood. You can get a great look when you dismiss labels, keep it simple, neat, and clean.

I succeeded in finding a jacket on sale for $75.99 (was originally $249.99) at a small Indian shop in Soho. I like to look for really eclectic places. When I walk in, I either get a strong feeling that this is a great place, or the complete opposite, and get creeped out. The jacket was made in India, very simple, made of silk, all black with hot pink trimmed cuffs. This shop also sold mini sterling silver skulls. I bought eight and threaded them on a piece of black ribbon to wear as a bracelet ($25.00).

I paired this with a dress from some overwhelming shop that was $30.00. Very simple, clean lines and short. The key is to find the most basic pieces in huge shops like H&M, Forever 21, and TopShop. I needed to find really tall shoes for a low price, so I went to a random adult shop in NYC on the way back uptown to find silver platforms (closed-toe shoes). Believe it or not, sex shops sell really great platform shoes that aren’t that difficult to walk in for $29.00 (was originally 59.99). Then I bought a pair of black opaque Spanks ($38.00) and I had a chic outfit for a night out in NYC.

I won the bet! You can look great with a budget.

Total Price: $197.99

Top 5 Pieces of Advice:
1. Don’t go overboard to look good
2. Find clean and neat lined clothing
3. Bargain shop/Look for sales
4. Accessorize by stacking bracelets or creating a look with ribbon
5. Find pieces that will look good to throw over black pants and a white shirt




How amazing is this advice? the queen of couture-fierceness-mixing-gareth-pugh-and-alaia-with-bespoke-louboutin-stripper-shoes herself has spoken. You literally don't have to be rich to look stylish and amazing, and I'm not talking about cleaning out Zara/H&M/blah blah blah... I'm not dissing their clothes but absolutely ***EVERYONE**** has that shit! case in point: triple Zaras within a 1km radius. W-T-F.

It's time to get creative.
the usual.... as usual.

excuse the very crude mash-up of photos, lulz

I tire of all black sometimes... I used to love how easy it was to wear, but now I am beginning to long for colors and prints to experiment with.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...que chingados...???

okay, this is just all kinds of wrong. I have refrained on commenting on KVA's shiteous ss09 collection for Dior but this cannot go unaddressed.

I was browsing one of my regular forums when this ad from Luisaviaroma appeared


yes folks, he did.
he **went there**.

Our creative genius Kris Van Assche asked a mexican bead jewelry vendor to whip this "necklace" up for him.

do you know how much this is going to cost you?

two hundred twenty-nine motha f*ckin euros!!! you can get them for $5 at the market in the Zocalo!! and that's already pretty expensive!!

This is unforgivable, KVA. I urge anyone who is reading to boycott this product and go buy from their nearest Mexican bracelet maker, there's bound to be one near you, wherever in the world you may be. You can even choose from a lot of way better designs, too!

Scary how LVR actually bought this from his collection, especially since retailers are buying surefire sellers. They really expect this to sell. for 229 euros.

Amor o muerte?? I choose muerte!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

clomp clomp clomp

Jayzus, how crazy insane are these? It looks like the bastard lovechild of a Paul Smith women's brogue and a Chloe wooden wedge. Only this lovechild was kind of neglected in her childhood so, being the troubled youth she was, she ran away from the shoebox she called home to fulfill her true calling, stripping.

These are like, the perfect shoes to go get some fruit and veg in.

Of course this work of fierceness was created by Marvin&Quetzal, a crazy-ass mexican designer. If you are a lucky bitch with size 38 feet these shoes can be yours, and pretty much ONLY yours as they're a runway sample. Buy them at New High M(art), my new favorite online store.


same junk as usual!!

My beanie has surprisingly become my favorite accessory. I never even planned on buying one! One day in december I was in Bologna with my brother and cousin and it was one of those days where you have to cover every possible square inch of skin, at the risk of getting frostbite and simultaneous gangrene. Yeah, it was that cold. I went into the nearest H&M and got the beanie and I have been wearing it every day since. I know it may not be hot shit but I dunno, I love it.

I need to get these Louboutins re-soled because I have ALREADY worn out 80% of the red. I have been wearing them that hard.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Have you ever kissed yourself in the mirror? it's a very strange feeling.

Anyway, I am in constant amazement at Lanvin's campaigns... they are my absolute favorite every season.
The pose, the colors, the ambiance.... perfection.

That crystal heel is getting to me. I am in urgent need of leopard print, too. Another post to come on the difficulty in finding the perfect leo print.

Zaha Hadid for Triflow

check out this amazing tap that Zaha Hadid designed for British manufacturer Triflow:




pics from

“Our starting point was a series of formal studies on the conceptual terms of ‘fluidity’ and ‘seamlessness’ as we wanted to generate the fluid geometries of water in motion,” says Hadid.

“By applying advanced 3D software to our experiments into the viscosity of liquids, we were able to explore complex forms and their productivity for domestic environments,” she continues. “A major benefit of this design language is that you can create something that not only appears continuous, but also blends seamlessly with the ergonomic needs of a tap.”

This isn't all superfluous techno-babble... creating the perfect flow is extremely complicated! I won't bore you with boring fluid dynamics but have you noticed how satisfying it is to open a tap and put your hands under a nice, heavy flow?
This is a particular feat for this piece, considering that the spout, body, and handle are all one continuous object.

I am very picky for details and taps are no exception. If you happen to be redoing your bathroom, please think of me and invest in some quality taps. You never know when you might have me over for dinner. I want to be able to wash my hands and say "dayum!"