Tuesday, February 10, 2009


same junk as usual!!

My beanie has surprisingly become my favorite accessory. I never even planned on buying one! One day in december I was in Bologna with my brother and cousin and it was one of those days where you have to cover every possible square inch of skin, at the risk of getting frostbite and simultaneous gangrene. Yeah, it was that cold. I went into the nearest H&M and got the beanie and I have been wearing it every day since. I know it may not be hot shit but I dunno, I love it.

I need to get these Louboutins re-soled because I have ALREADY worn out 80% of the red. I have been wearing them that hard.


Lola Re said...
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Lola Re said...

Great jeans, jacket, and top where are they from? Lola Re xx!

JJ said...

thank you lola re! :D

here's the list:
Jacket - Givenchy fw03
Jeans - Cheap monday
top - Rick Owens

Marina said...

I love your jacket with jeans and Loubs!Looks great!Beanie is my favorite accessory, you know it!!!!!
P.S. Bologna is so interesting city. I love its old red brick architecture and smell of tasty cupcakes and other sweet things!

Anonymous said...

The Louboutins are beautiful...You can get htem resoled? who knew...