Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back in the bay :)

Finally, a post!! I had a whirlwind week in Mexico and I got back to san francisco on the 12th... I have been detox'ing at home since then but yesterday I caught up with a few friends in the city.

I love chilly SF weather, I had a chance to break out my favorite jacket of all times...

here's me werking it in H&M with a very wintery balaclava:


rick owens jacket
petit bateau tee
noir bridle belt
rick owens trousers

I was also able to go to Barney's and DROOOOL over everything there... I usually sprint for the Balenciaga rack but it was quite underwhelming. The Alaia rack blew me away, though. Their selection is huge. Sculptural dresses made of beautiful lacey/ruffly material... tight, short jackets and a knockout leather trenchcoat. Carine would've had a field day in there.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


On monday I am leaving for my hometown in Mexico (yay!!) for a week, and after that I am going to San Francisco for 2 weeks.
I hope to squeeze in a post here and there. I know I haven't been the chattiest blogger lately but I have been up to my head in tests and such... I have not abandoned you yet!

I leave you with my latest obsession, Manolo Blahnhik for TSE 'Mieloz' sandal...


buy for me at FootCandyShoes for $815. Sale season couldn't come fast enough...