Friday, May 30, 2008


I've been tagged by the darling Naomi at But is it fashion?

so here it is!

5 things found in my bag:

1. L'Occitane shea butter cuticle repair
2. Carmex lip balm
3. camel filters
4. ipod RED
5. tens and thousands of bobby pins

5 things found in my purse:

1. receipts
2. foreign currency
3. boutique business cards and phone #s (...yes hello? do you by any chance have ____ in stock? no? when will you be getting it in? oh, never again? thank you very much.... bye now...)
4. old ATM cards
5. loose change galore

5 favourite things in my room:

1. my wall covered in club flyers and pulp fiction poster
2. my stuffed snake
3. my books and magazines
4. the color
5. my curvy fold out desk

5 things ive always wanted to do:

1. go shopping on an unlimited budget
2. style a photoshoot
3. design a car and have it produced
4. design a shoe and have it produced
5. live in a great loft in New York (or San Fran, a city closer to my heart!)

5 things im currently into:

1. proportion
2. exotic skin (chauss, I know I'm not alone on this one!!)
3. FFFOUND! (get on there!
4. finding my signature "look"
5. photography (especially LOMO photography)

my 5 impressions of my tagger, Naomi:

1. she has great taste in music!
2. we have the same style icons (irina, kirsten...)
3. she is head over heels over wayfarers!
4. she has a chic, relaxed style.
5. she is sooo funny :P

I TAG....
1 . the FIERCE Chauss at Je Ne Sais Quoi
2. the fab-u-lous Michell at Ill B ur Mirror
3. fellow shoe addict Marina at MADABOUTFASHION
4. the very amazing Jane at Sea of Shoes
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my man Pierre


Pierre Hardy, the mastermind behind Balenciaga shoes and his own label's shoes and bags. He recently did a line of shoes for The Gap which was incredibly hyped and sold out pretty quickly. The Midas touch? I believe so, as he has incredible creative vision and produces avant-garde, architectural shoes that still maintain their sexy femininity. I like to think of him as the Blahnik of the future!

Anyway, I am lusting over his bags which are classic yet edgy in a way only he can do.


I was doing some digging when I saw in the comments section of a blog that he is the designer for a midpriced handbag label in Paris called Sequoia. Yeah, that piqued my interest all right. I figured it would be a little more known!
I did my research and yes, it is true!! he has been the artistic director since 1988 and is responsible for ALL the handbag designs of Sequoia.

Sequoia Paris's strength is an individual and precisely defined concept. The company's motto is style, femininity and easy availability. The concept is divided into three main lines:

Aesthetic and creative
Trendy design combined with modern use of colours and materials. Sequoia Paris's trademark is the silver ring logo, which describes the company's identity. All the models are designed by Pierre Hardy.

Practical and trendy
Functional and practical details combined with stylish designs.

Affordable and high quality
An affordable price combined with high quality guarantees that the products are available to as many consumers as possible.

Season after season, Sequoia Paris has launched innovative collections that set an example around the world. The collections have been designed with various uses, locations and consumers in mind. Versatile materials, colours and models guarantee a wide selection and good sales.








These are my picks, I loove the patent fringe and the woven tote (it really speaks to my polygon fetish). The patent bag with the knotted handles is very chic as well as the messenger bags, how sassy is that golden tassel? I can totally picture it swinging to and fro as you vogue yourself to work.

you can see the rest of the selection at Starbagg or visit the official site.
I must say I was kind of underwhelmed with the rest of them because they were pretty blah and didn't have any obvious Hardy-ness quirks. Check it out though, the bags go from 100-200 euros. Pretty good for a piece of Pierre if you ask me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my scaly baby

I got her! I went back yesterday to the exotic leather shop and bought the bag... Here are some phone pictures. Sorry if they're not the best quality but I don't have the camera this week :(
As soon as I'm out of my pj's I will take some modeling pics. My favorite way to wear the bag is cross body, messenger style. It adds a great pop of color!





Looooove the big scales! they're so dramatic.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

my next victim....

is looking like a gorgeous green python pouchette! I went windowshopping downtown with a friend today and stopped by my favorite exotic leather shop... it's tiny and I always stay to talk for awhile with the shop owner (who is also the artisan behind all the beautiful bags, belts and accessories). I saw a sort of clutch bag that is similar in shape to the Prada bow clutch (which I totally lust after, see pic with Kristin Davis) but it was made of gorgeous dark green python. The skin had huge scales which flared out slightly (not curled!), some girls prefer their python smooth but I fell in love with the slightly rugged texture. Bonus, it had a looong strap and a short one, so it can be carried messenger style or over the shoulder, or strap-less it became a clutch.

THREE bags in one! yeah right, that sounds like the little shopaho
lic angel(devil?) on my shoulder trying to sway me with the usual silly arguments (amazing price-per-wear value! it's limited edition, you'll never find it again! it'll become an indispensable wardrobe staple! you have NO small green exotic leather bags in your repertoire!) and I think she is convincing me pretty well.
I have a strong feeling this baby will be in my claws in a couple of days. Fingers crossed!

Chauss, what does the color green tell you?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

the definition of "Working It"

Omahyra Mota at Heatherette, people... that is all!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

today's outfit

I slept in some soft curlers last night... I love wavy hair! mine is usually boringly stick-straight, I think I'm going to use these more often. Anyway, here is what I wore today.

zara lurex cardi, H&M chains, grandma's old T (beautifully soft!) and Ande Whall jeans


as most of you know, I am an avid WAYWT poster on a couple of forums. Yesterday I was wearing a skeleton t-shirt, jeans and converse and decided to throw my RO jacket on top of it. One poster was surprised to see me pair such an impact piece with a very commonplace outfit (print tee+jeans+converse). To a certain extent I agree, sometimes statement pieces should be "respected" in a sartorial sense, letting them shine in an aesthetically coherent context, and not let the clothes look as if they were bought JUST because they're hyped. But the other part of me wants to take those beautiful clothes and treat them as I would treat all the other "mortals" in my closet (H&M, et al)! I know for a fact that Rick Owens intends for his pieces to be worn to death, ripped a bit even, and not glorified.

I try to keep all these factors in mind while shopping. Are my new buys coherent with the rest of my wardrobe?

I don't think it's a bad thing to think out one's outfits, just as long as they don't look too "try-hard".

What are your thoughts on the matter?
Here's 2 cheapo gold necklaces I picked up at H&M a couple weeks ago. They are really simple, long gold chains. I like to tangle them up, I think I saw a Margiela necklace that looked similar to this somewhere...

La chiusura

I'm shutting down the italian version of my blog.. I never had time to update it and translating was sometimes something of a hassle! I think blogging should be an enjoyable pastime, so I'm just keeping the english version. I'm sorry to my readers (if any!) :P Scusate tanto!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Criss Cross Chloe

See what I did there? how's that for a clever title? Anyway, I have really been feeling the Chloe' SS08 patent sandals, in 90% of their incarnations. Very geometric and minimalist. They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but personally I find them very appealing!

I am always looking for some stylish shoes to wear every day, not an easy task at all. Now that the weather's getting hotter I won't be able to wear my trusty Pollini's and will have to trade them for some good spring/summer shoes! I am after something flat (besides gladiators of course), and the flat versions of the criss cross are speaking to me.

I love these. I really like how NAP styled them, too! Should I take the plunge?

(pictures from

There is a God

Agyness Deyn dropped as the face of Burberry

Rumored model icon Agyness Deyn was dropped as the face of Burberry. Mario Testino, Burberry's photographer, has become tired of the hype surrounding Deyn.

A Burberry insider told Metro: "She was just a flash in the pan. Last year she was quirky but now she is challenging Moss in the fame stakes by positioning herself everywhere. That kind of popularity just hasn't sat well with Mario, who is looking for something different."

Testino reportedly has 21-year-old underwear model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lined up as a replacement.


Finally, people are starting to open their eyes. Worship not false idols!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday evening

It has rained all weekend. I was really hoping for cold weather without the rain so I could break out my new RO leather jacket...sigh! I was, however, happy to use my trench/raincoat again. I got it at Mango, but I changed the plastic buttons with round brass ones... they give the coat that something extra. I also love how light and low-maintenance it is... when I'm not wearing it I can just crumple it up and throw it in the chair next to me, not having to worry that it'll get dirty or wrinkled for life.
What I wore last night for a nighttime stroll downtown with the BF:

mango trench
drkshdw hoodie
acne jeans
pollini boots

we hit up our usual bar that's tucked out of the main avenue, we love it because it's TINY and has a big sofa instead of chairs and tables. It's run by two Moldavian girls and have the best east european wine. We always get a bottle of Georgian wine, it's strong but goes down fantastically easy...gulp! They also have THE BEST music on, from Kings of Convenience to Bjork, it's just a great place to go to unwind.

Bonus pic:
Eye candy from the Mille Miglia, or "the most beautiful road race in the world":



Saturday, May 17, 2008

Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry is a french film and music video director. I discovered I was a big fan of his on accident. I was reminiscing over my favorite music videos (I shall dedicate a post to these in due time), and one of them is Chemical Brothers' Star Guitar. Can you spot what makes this vid special?

If you can't or don't feel like watching it, all the structures and buildings that pass by are exactly in time with the beats of the song. Incredible!

Anyway, I wanted to find out the director and I saw it was Michel Gondry. Where had I heard that name before? I did some digging and found that he has directed one of my favorite movies of all time, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. OMG to say the least. I love it when things like this come together... and it got even better when I ran the list of all the music vids he's directed, unsurprisingly a lot are on my list, such as Daft Punk - Around the World, White Stripes - the Hardest Button to Button and Fell in Love with a Girl, Massive Attack - Protection, and Foo Fighters - Everlong. Whew! I will definitely be following his work more closely. I love how he puts an incredibly creative spin on a normal situation. He keeps it subtle and not over-the-top, without using the usual "sex sells" mantra, which I think we've been bombarded enough with. Amazing stuff, I recommend you check out his work which is readily available on Youtube.


Also, please watch Eternal Sunshine. You won't regret it, ever.

Friday, May 16, 2008

what I b wearing 2day

Today I am wearing a gareth pugh top, superfine blondies and chucks. I love this top, the cut is so drapes in the most unexpected places! the stars and zigzags are just what I needed today. I think I should get these jeans tailored.. I want them a little tighter in the ankles. It's really all about the details.



I am a big fan of LOMO photography, and since I can't get my hands on an original LOMO I had to make do with a GIMP tutorial to give the pics that little extra something. yay for crazy contrast and saturation!

Claudia Rosa Lukas

Claudia Rosa Lukas, an austrian designer who has captured my heart. With a talented eye for detail, she constructs very sexy, flattering garments without any traces of traditional feminism or being obviously "sexual". She mixes structured and drapy, using a beautifully subdued color palette (blacks, greys and whites are very appealing to me), her SS08 collection is incredibly sensual but at the same time quiet and discreet.






one of my favorite pieces is the cutout shirt. The contrast of the cold, geometric shape with the organic, exposed skin is incredible. It reminds me of a window.








You don't notice her right away, but when she accidentally catches your attention you can't take your eyes off her.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Probably the best day of the week and it's only wednesday. Why, you ask? Because I scored big time!! me and the bf went shopping and I bought two of my holy grail items. I present to you a FW07 rick owens leather jacket and a DRKSHDW hoodie. It's a sin that I won't be wearing the jacket until fall because it's quite warm...but I did get it on sale, didn't I?


jacket (worn with RO twisty shirt)





this is the immense beauty of Rick Owens clothes. They are the easiest, comfiest things to wear and you can just pile them on and they work fabulously together. If only I had a closet full of his clothes, getting ready in the morning would be a breeze. Wake up, throw on a RO skirt and tank top and you're done. (No flip flops please. Don't be unfabulous.)