Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eat your heart out Sergio Rossi...


I am not a huge fan of Sergio Rossi shoes, but his SS08 collection is a hit in my book. One of the standout pieces is the white patent pump with a black paintdrip effect. It gives a classic shape a very artsy (but not avant-garde) twist.

I recently found these great canvas pumps from affordable avant-garde label Slow and Steady Wins the Race. The shape is modern (I am incredibly picky about heel shapes and placement) and well proportioned despite the mid-height. The best part is that they have NO embellishment or details whatsoever, just pure blank canvas!
As soon as I saw them my mind went nuts with the possibilities for personalization. They are just begging to be painted/drawn on! I thought about it a bit and thought that a Pollock-like design would suit them perfectly, such as this one:

I would wear them with my Rick Owens black t-shirt dress and nothing else!

Then I saw the black ones. I would drip and splatter only white paint on them...

how would you make then "yours"?
better the Rossi pumps or your own crazy take on it?

(If only I could find 4-5" blank canvas stilettos...)


Marina said...

I love s-s 08 collection of sergio Rossi. But I wote for creativity!
as you know Fendi made new make-your-own-baguette. It sells with 10 pantone universe markers to create your own design on the bag. Great idea!!!Few years ago adidas also sells sneakers with highlighters.

Express yourself!!!!!

giuseppe said...

mmm.. pollock reminds me so much of Marni's prints :-) Nice blog you have!

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

I'd splatter yellow paint on the black ones. Don't know why. It'd be delightfully eighties don't you reckon?
I love your blog!!