Thursday, May 1, 2008

Galactic Rebel

Here is a jumble of items that inspire me. Two looks that have always appealed to me are futurism and unkempt punk, I find that when correctly brought together it can result in something wonderful. I love seeing the look in its extreme, all-out form such as on the Balenciaga SS07 runway or in a Viv Westwood/Galliano collection, but for everyday it's all about subtly referencing the silhouette and proportions, using accessories to help you along the way.

sleek clothes, patent leather, studs, buckles and zips, I want it all. Here is MK olsen sporting the look to pefection with an oversized ratty hoodie, black tights (that she sometimes wears ripped) and adding the futuristic element, a balenciaga ss07 gold belt that is worthy of C3PO.

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Sara said...

I love this look and I loooove that belt! Great inspiration board, byt he way.