Friday, May 30, 2008


I've been tagged by the darling Naomi at But is it fashion?

so here it is!

5 things found in my bag:

1. L'Occitane shea butter cuticle repair
2. Carmex lip balm
3. camel filters
4. ipod RED
5. tens and thousands of bobby pins

5 things found in my purse:

1. receipts
2. foreign currency
3. boutique business cards and phone #s (...yes hello? do you by any chance have ____ in stock? no? when will you be getting it in? oh, never again? thank you very much.... bye now...)
4. old ATM cards
5. loose change galore

5 favourite things in my room:

1. my wall covered in club flyers and pulp fiction poster
2. my stuffed snake
3. my books and magazines
4. the color
5. my curvy fold out desk

5 things ive always wanted to do:

1. go shopping on an unlimited budget
2. style a photoshoot
3. design a car and have it produced
4. design a shoe and have it produced
5. live in a great loft in New York (or San Fran, a city closer to my heart!)

5 things im currently into:

1. proportion
2. exotic skin (chauss, I know I'm not alone on this one!!)
3. FFFOUND! (get on there!
4. finding my signature "look"
5. photography (especially LOMO photography)

my 5 impressions of my tagger, Naomi:

1. she has great taste in music!
2. we have the same style icons (irina, kirsten...)
3. she is head over heels over wayfarers!
4. she has a chic, relaxed style.
5. she is sooo funny :P

I TAG....
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Anonymous said...

thanks doll! I think youre swell too!