Monday, May 5, 2008

Zara's siren song

Went shopping with my BF in the shopping mecca that is Milan yesterday.


I wore my rick owens 2ply twisty tee, Noir bridle belt, comfy cheap mondays and pollini boots. Note how I am unwittingly standing in front of the Pollini store, giving them free publicity! (good or bad? your choice!)

(well, my screen name is jungle jane...)

After I had sworn many times that I wouldn't splurge in Zara and H&M (choosing to save up and buy fewer but higher-end quality items), that BAD BAD STORE lured me in. I went in to buy a quick dress for a short-notice wedding (which I found!) and I found myself drooling on all the amazing floral prints. AND I HATE FLORALS. Or so I thought.
There is only one person to blame here, and it's Nicholas Ghesquiere. I admit to have been brainwashed by fashion. Florals are in and I am loving them!


I chose wisely to stay away from the flower prints even though I reeeeally wanted to get something, because I was sure that next year that thang would've been confined to the "back of the closet" (practically a place of no return for my too-trendy, disposable clothes). My dear BF helped to make my decision, expressing silent but very expressive facial disgust at the loud colors on the floaty silks.

I bought a really nice but simple cream-colored empire cut dress. To layer it I got a huuuuge black linen wrap, it's so versatile and gives a great drapy but structured look. Next was a taupe-ish gray cardi, it is made out of the softest material and is kind of shimmery. This is my wedding attire, I would've gone designer but I also think about the price-per-wear. I will post the outfit in its entirety when I wear it on Sunday!

behold my first gladiators of the season!! do not think FOR A SECOND that these will be the last pair I get, there are still plenty on my to-buy list. I still need them in black and in white, for example.


totally cute and only 40 euros :D


chauss said...

milan!!!!!!!!!!i love corso como. and those sandals are cute.

Marina said...

I love this sandals. And your lion-foto too!!Very simple but nice summer outfit! And I love Pollini. And Milano. And Italy. And, of course, italians!!!!

Miss White said...

Good choice of gladiators!

I've never been to Milan, it looks wonderful!

stilettostetico said...

So a casual "Jungle Jane-esque" Feline in Milano Streets !!!
ps: With these Gladiators, "UrbanGoddess" Style !!! a delightful mix of Conqueror Arrogance and pretty delicacy . . .

Cordially, Antoine

Anonymous said...

where did you get the gladiators??