Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday evening

It has rained all weekend. I was really hoping for cold weather without the rain so I could break out my new RO leather jacket...sigh! I was, however, happy to use my trench/raincoat again. I got it at Mango, but I changed the plastic buttons with round brass ones... they give the coat that something extra. I also love how light and low-maintenance it is... when I'm not wearing it I can just crumple it up and throw it in the chair next to me, not having to worry that it'll get dirty or wrinkled for life.
What I wore last night for a nighttime stroll downtown with the BF:

mango trench
drkshdw hoodie
acne jeans
pollini boots

we hit up our usual bar that's tucked out of the main avenue, we love it because it's TINY and has a big sofa instead of chairs and tables. It's run by two Moldavian girls and have the best east european wine. We always get a bottle of Georgian wine, it's strong but goes down fantastically easy...gulp! They also have THE BEST music on, from Kings of Convenience to Bjork, it's just a great place to go to unwind.

Bonus pic:
Eye candy from the Mille Miglia, or "the most beautiful road race in the world":




la principessa emicrania said...

ahah! le mille miglia partono dalla mia città :) che belli i tuoi stivali e il tuo inglese!
ciau ciau

JJ said...

Grazie!! troppo bella la mille miglia... so che parte da Brescia, ancora mai stata :P peccato per il tempo!