Saturday, May 17, 2008

Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry is a french film and music video director. I discovered I was a big fan of his on accident. I was reminiscing over my favorite music videos (I shall dedicate a post to these in due time), and one of them is Chemical Brothers' Star Guitar. Can you spot what makes this vid special?

If you can't or don't feel like watching it, all the structures and buildings that pass by are exactly in time with the beats of the song. Incredible!

Anyway, I wanted to find out the director and I saw it was Michel Gondry. Where had I heard that name before? I did some digging and found that he has directed one of my favorite movies of all time, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. OMG to say the least. I love it when things like this come together... and it got even better when I ran the list of all the music vids he's directed, unsurprisingly a lot are on my list, such as Daft Punk - Around the World, White Stripes - the Hardest Button to Button and Fell in Love with a Girl, Massive Attack - Protection, and Foo Fighters - Everlong. Whew! I will definitely be following his work more closely. I love how he puts an incredibly creative spin on a normal situation. He keeps it subtle and not over-the-top, without using the usual "sex sells" mantra, which I think we've been bombarded enough with. Amazing stuff, I recommend you check out his work which is readily available on Youtube.


Also, please watch Eternal Sunshine. You won't regret it, ever.


Marina said...

I love his films. Eternal sunshine the best, but the last one bekind rewind so fun, sometimes romantic. He is genius. i love his dream world with Gael Garcia Berna in movie La science des reves!!!I agree with you he is great director and creator!!!

michell halley said...

si hon, check out the science of sleep, also with lovely charlotte gainsbourg.. si te late la onda de la jugada con realidad/ficción, no te la pierdas..
y la nueva es una con jack black, q se ve excelente, no he tenido chance de verla se llama be kind, rewind..
eternal sunshine is a personal favorite also..