Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ebay outfit #1

I am an ebay addict and no, I'm not apologizing for it. I think you can find some great items for a bargain price...I should, however, apologize to my bank account (even though lately I've been abstaining)
Sometimes you find that great piece for so little money. So little, in fact, that regardless of the fact that the item might have nothing to do with your style whatsoever you consider it anyway...just to claim it yours at a ridiculous price!

I like to dream up outfits that could go with whatever I find. First item in question is a Martine Sitbon wool jacket. Impeccable tailoring and chic satin inserts for only $65!


I think this jacket would complement the following outfit perfectly:

- the perfect white shirt (ann demeulemeester)
- some skinny cropped black pants (fendi)
and fabulous neutral-toned shoes, be them sky-high or flats...(sexy laponos by the master himself mr. louboutin)

now go and Buy It Now!

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