Friday, April 25, 2008

Shadows and Dust

I just recently discovered this small label based in Australia. I followed a link on Altamira NYC and ended up on their webpage.

from Altamira NYC: Amanda de Simone, photographer, wearing SAD jacket and hood

They have a few select pieces, no prices to be seen. The ruffled jacket is incredible but I'm not sure I would wear it. The pants, on the other hand, are FEEYARCE!! (forgive such an expression)
They gave me a Jean-Pierre Braganza biker goth ninja kinda vibe, something I could definitely see on Queen Michelle.

ruffled jacket

leather hood
countach jeans

panther pant

python pant

ruffled leather vest

I have fallen head-over-heels in love with the python pants. I emailed them to ask how much they were and the designer himself answered, they are $500 shipped. I can only justify that kind of money on shoes or outerwear, but I am seriously considering saving up to get the freaking pants. I also wish the phrase "saving up" existed in my vocabulary. SOME ONE GET THESE PLEASE!

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