Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Summer uniform

I've always been more of a "winter spender"...Even though I adore summer, somehow I feel that winter clothes should be of better quality than summer ones. Coats, sweaters, thermals...it's all about the quality materials and fit!
Summer, on the other hand, permits you to walk out in jeans and a tank top and you're done. (I'm not much of a dress person).

That's why I can't justify spending $600 on zanotti gladiators or on a marc jacobs embellished tank top...a price I would pay, on the other hand, for some great leather boots or a thick chunky knit. It's the quantity of fabric (or leather) that makes it worth it to me.
So this summer I'm keeping the spending to a minimum... I will get a few basics and go from there! accessories make the look here, like bangles and necklaces, not to mention a golden tan a' la Daria W.

So here is my go-to summer outfit: White drapy tank or tee, cutoffs, gladiator sandals and jewelery. My only summer splurge will definitely be the Chloe Myrte sunglasses in Ivory, they are SO amazing.

One of my little obsessions for this summer is a white orchid hair clip. I have searched quite a bit for a quality one, not those flimsy fabric thangs you can get at Claire's for $2.50.
A medium-sized white flower is such a great accessory, it screams summer chic. I love flowers in hair, if it was up to me I would wear fuchsia-and-yellow hawaiian hibiscus flowers, but since I have an olive skin tone that turns really dark in summer and brown hair I would look more Puerto Escondido pareo-clad hotel hostess than laid-back city girl chic.

Bela Brazilian Designs on Etsy has these gorgeous hair accessories (among other things) that are made of real tropical flowers preserved in resin. I was considering getting one but I was afraid it might be too heavy (and given it was also shiny I didn't want it to be a focal point of my outfit). Beautiful nonetheless.

white orchid hair clip with pearl, $39

I went through a few sites that sold silk flowers and found that the best quality is found in wedding adornment sites. They might be a little more expensive though. Here is one I found that is exactly what I'm looking for. Realistic, all white orchid hair clips! from LateBloomerBoutique.com:

white orchid hair clip, $45

I would look at camellias or magnolias too, but the orchid is less of a frilly girly-girl flower. It is structured, strong and has a very sculptural look.

I had better stop coming up with these "small touches" to the basic summer outfit... knowing me, they will add up and financially become a worthy contender to its winter counterpart!

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Marina said...

I agree with you about sunglasses. It's great! And I wanna tell you that pearly jewels, flowers as element of adoration suit are very very stylish. I have nice collection of silk flowers. but my fav is big black silk flower. Wow, it's cool!