Friday, April 25, 2008

DIY: Chanel nail polish

Okay, I too caved in to the Black Satin hype (albeit a thousand years late) and bought the nail polish. What makes it different from any ordinary Wet 'n Wild drugstore halloween nail polish you ask? well, I had seen on many different beauty sites that Black Satin had blueish undertones and very slight metallic sheen to it.
Being in a relatively conservative city (at least style-wise), I wasn't too surprised to see it on shelves of my local profumeria, so I said 'what the hell' and put down the 20 euros for it. As soon as I hurried back to my appartment to paint my nails (I swear, I told my BF I was in a hurry to get home so I could do my nails) I discovered that there was NO subtle metallic sheen at all, and the freaking polish look exactly like my black maybelline one I got for a lot less at Target. It turns out that the limited edition Black Satin that came out in the US was the shimmery one, and the one sold regularly in Europe is plain old flat black.

I was determined to have a unique black-ish, shimmery shade on my claws so what did I do? I crushed up some old silver and gunmetal eyeshadow and poured it into the nail polish!!

alas, the ASS quality of my cell phone camera does not permit an accurate picture. I poured Lancome chat gris eyeshadow and some random silver one into the bottle. This is how the end product looks on my nails:

I love it!!


chauss said...

hi ya! interesting concept.. it looks like chanel black ceramic, a great color. however, ny current obsession is chanel blue satin. perfect.

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