Saturday, April 26, 2008

the perfect gladiator

Who knew searching for the perfect flat gladiator sandal would have proven such a difficult task? I have seriously been at it for months. At first I was considering going high-end, by grabbing some Alaias or Zanottis, but I usually destroy flat sandals during the summer months, and even though I can totally see the appeal of some busted-up balenciagas, I would rather save up and buy some spectacular high heeled shoe instead. Plus, one can go cheapy for flat shoes but such is not the case for heels!

(giuseppe zanotti and alaia)

Summer is always hard for footwear choices. Most people opt for the no-brainer route and wear havaianas in sweltering heat, but this time I'm gonna listen to the queen of chic Vanessa Traina, who says that flip-flops cheapen an outfit. I SO AGREE! it's like you didn't put in the extra effort!
(I feel the same way about ballerina flats but that's a whole 'nother story)


My search began when the Nine West 'Heech' gladiator wedges started exploding over fashion forums worldwide. They are an EXACT copy of the Balenciaga ones, so they became pretty popular. I was more interested in the flat version, but sadly they had a square toe which made them pretty unappealing and kinda manly. They've got kind of a leather Teva vibe going on. Next!

I went to and found some AMAZING sandals. One of them had a great thick T-bar with big jewels on them, they gave me a total Miu Miu vibe and they were cheap too... 35 pounds! they sold out the next day. ARGH! here they are on Ebay already, obviously not my size either.

My next find were K.Jacques Saint Tropez sandals. Gorgeous, handmade, but a tad overpriced in my opinion. A pair of simple leather sandals 250 dollars? no. For jeweled ones, yes.
Even so, here were my picks: the Icare sand
al with the wings (so amazing), the classic gladiator (Parys) and the patent lace up (Tartane). visit them also if you're in the market for jeweled sandals but can't/won't drop the cash for Zanottis. CHIC!

(I am so now considering getting the patent laceups despite saying they are overpriced)

So I happened upon these Steve Madden sandals. Steve Madden is so not up my alley but he managed to knock off the coveted Zanotti sandals and although it's not screaming FIERCENESS, it pretty much summed up what I was looking for BUT THEN....

I found the perfect perfect ones! gladiator sandals with not too many straps and not too high up the ankle, not chunky enough to look like leather Tevas. I present Matt Bernson sandals, designed in NY and made in Brazil.

the KM gladiator - $169

another one from that I love... it's the zippers. $189

and this totally chic t-bar with the golden chain...Beach Street sandal $169

I would get all three. Available at

So what are your picks for this season?

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