Friday, February 20, 2009

just throwing it out there

Girls (and guys with small feet), I saw THE Ann D flat laceup boots at Altamoda today for....290 euros. in sizes 37 and 40. I am in recession mode at the moment so no buying for me, but in case you're interested in me making a pickup for you here is the info you need to know. I also saw:

- Black vest with ties -70% off 700 something euros

- Black mongolian fur vest - 70% off of 1200 something euros (can't remember the exaaact prices at the moment.

The mongolian fur vest is *spectacular*, someone besides me seriously needs this in their life.

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Marina said...

You are lucky girl that you live in Italy!I can only fream about such prices in Moscow(((I really like this boots but I spent all my money and I can't spend anymore now. but 37 is my size.....