Monday, February 9, 2009

Zaha Hadid for Triflow

check out this amazing tap that Zaha Hadid designed for British manufacturer Triflow:




pics from

“Our starting point was a series of formal studies on the conceptual terms of ‘fluidity’ and ‘seamlessness’ as we wanted to generate the fluid geometries of water in motion,” says Hadid.

“By applying advanced 3D software to our experiments into the viscosity of liquids, we were able to explore complex forms and their productivity for domestic environments,” she continues. “A major benefit of this design language is that you can create something that not only appears continuous, but also blends seamlessly with the ergonomic needs of a tap.”

This isn't all superfluous techno-babble... creating the perfect flow is extremely complicated! I won't bore you with boring fluid dynamics but have you noticed how satisfying it is to open a tap and put your hands under a nice, heavy flow?
This is a particular feat for this piece, considering that the spout, body, and handle are all one continuous object.

I am very picky for details and taps are no exception. If you happen to be redoing your bathroom, please think of me and invest in some quality taps. You never know when you might have me over for dinner. I want to be able to wash my hands and say "dayum!"

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