Thursday, January 29, 2009

zapatito blanco, zapatito azul

here are some more shoe designs I've whipped up recently...

'hands' shoe, I was thinking of the hands being 3D and of the same material as the rest of the shoe. I thought of them as "coming out" of the shoe itself... not unlike a swamp monster grabbing at the foot of an unsuspecting victim... muahaha!

(some of my shoes might have creepy connotations, please beware)

When I drew this one I was all about the swirly lines... I imagine this one made out of black suede with gold leather piping. High arches are hard to come by these days so I guess it would also give the illusion of an impossibly high arch.

because every girl needs a fierce chunky mary jane in her wardrobe. I can't see these in any material that isn't black or cherry red patent leathuh.

Since I'm kinda over studs but I still like shiny crap, I thought using broken mirrors on a heel would be awesome. I love stars so I'm thinking a big fat mirrored one on the heel a' la Louboutin Anemone would definitely make me wanna go work my junk on the nearest dancefloor (my badly lit room and computer speakers will have to suffice)

another wing sandal... I've always loved feathers so I went nuts here. I would use charcoal grey feathers with a gold leather strap (and platform) to hold the foot in. The feathers are layered over an inverted comma heel. I think Tisci needs this sandal for his next Givenchy couture presentation!!! Riccardo ci sei???


Anonymous said...


emily said...

The hands shoes are AH-mazing. They're seriously going to give me nightmares now that I can't have them (no really, I get nightmares about clothes that I desire). If you ever get any of your shoes made, I would be one of your first customers without a doubt.

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Those hand shoes are amazing...


Marina said...

You are so talented!I'm sure you need to speak with Ricardo about your shoes!!!!


La Couturier said...

oh. my. god.

you are absolutely talented. i think i'd say you're a creative genius. hands as shoes?! unbelievably amazing. an altogether new concept. brilliant.

La C.

La Mode is Rad! said...

I love the hand shoes!

JJ said...

Anonymous: YOU AND ME BOTH


emily: I would LOVE to have some of my shoes would be a dream come true!

The Six: thank you :)

Marina: Do you have his home phone?? I tried calling him on his cell and I think he's avoiding me... :( But Riccardo's like that sometimes.

La Mode and La Couturier: Thanks you guys!! :D
I hope to make some more drawings soon.

mandi said...

these drawings are lovely, you would make a great shoe designer! your blog is awesome :)

danceofthecosmos said...

zapatito blanco, zapatito azul, dime cuantos aƱos tienes tu!
did you live in Mexico or something?

JJ said...

danceofthecosmos: yes, I grew up in Mexico :D I miss it so much!!

Gummi Hime said...

I REALLY want the hands shoes!!! I made some ostrich feather cuffs to go with my black platform booties. I was inspired by Clydesdale horses. lol I get lots of compliments from random strangers when I wear them.