Monday, January 5, 2009

many apologies...

Hey everyone!! I hope you had some amazing holidays, I know I did!
I want to apologize for not updating... one of the reasons for not doing so has been the very intense studying I did pre-holidays, which pretty much sucked all of my energy away. Maybe as a consequence of that I have found myself with no inspiration to make a blog post! I feel like I've been in a creative rut, and i refuse to make posts filled with mindless fluff just for the sake of it. I do keep this blog as a sort of "archive" for myself, but knowing that people read it, I take pride in filling it with content that really reflects how I feel.

That said, I will soon post up a few of my winter purchases! I haven't bought a lot, but the few things I did get are pretty awesome. Quality over quantity, my friends!!

I hope to quickly get back into the swing of things as soon as I get my next test out of the way (next week), so please don't lose faith in the cookie jar.

To slowly get things running again, I give you Antonin Tron's gold jacket from his graduate collection in Antwerp '08.

front and back view of the jacket actually being worn(to the Gareth Pugh show, fittingly)

I emailed Antonin to inquire about prices and availability and he responded that he wasn't a label, so the collection wouldn't be produced or sold. What a drag :( but I could not imagine how much it would cost to produce a jacket like that. I remember reading somewhere that he nearly went crazy sewing on the gold pailletes so I'm guessing if he were to produce it, it would have to be entirely handmade and therefore extremely expensive..!!

I pray that Beyonce doesn't find out about Antonin because I can already see her wanting to pair this jacket with the Balenciaga ss07 gold leggings for her next "Sasha Fierce" appearance. JETHUTH!!!


Frou Flu said...

oh wow that is a very beautiful jacket:) glad to know you're back i do enjoy your posts very much:) happy 2009 jj and good luck on your test!:)

JJ said...

Thanks girl!! I wish you a very happy 2009 filled with love, health and beautiful shoes :)

Lola Re said...

Yay you're back!! Get to posting girl!!


OMG PLEASE Beyonce, don't cheapen this jacket!! It is such a dream. I totally understand him not wanting to produce it, a shame really, but justified. Maybe it could spin of a possible mini DIY??

JJ said...

DIVA: DIY is EXACTLY what passed through my head... I am already looking for some fierce studs on the 'bay!!! you should do one too :ninja: