Sunday, January 18, 2009


when fashion isn't making me swoon, jump for joy, reel in disgust or cry, it's giving me complete and utter *chills* down my spine. Yes, it can most definitely be scary, and not in a Heidi Montag-type scary, but more of a The Shining, Silence of the Lambs type terrifying.

I have always had an inexplicable fascination with the macabre and the grotesque, as well as many designers. They successfully carry over a distinct "dark" mood to their collections and general presentations which can be absolutely mind-blowing.

Some of us hardcore fashion addicts can find ourselves genuinely moved by what we see on the runway, be it a fierce-filled '80s Alaiafest to a fun, quirky Sonia Rykiel show. Imagine how powerful an effect a dark, nightmarish show can have!

A few examples below...

Alexander McQueen


FW98 "Joan of Arc"

Note the floor with those suggestive red stains... reminiscent of a slaughterhouse?

FW1999 "The Shining"




FW 02 "Supercalifragilistic"

Fall 06 RTW - VOSS

the ghost of Kate Moss

FW 07

Dior... Galliano is the absolute master of the bizarre.

Haute Couture FW 00

Dior Fall/Winter 2006 Haute Couture

Haute Couture S/S 2006.



Riccardo Tisci no one does goth better.
A/W 05/06 "Maria"


the invitation for this show...


Haute Couture FW 05


Haute Couture FW 06

Haute Couture SS 07

posted by fashon.fashoff on TFS:
from book issey miyake body works:

^circa 1983 menswear outfit

from book issey miyake making things:

^two coats from a/w 1985 collection

^Escargot Pleats, s/s 1990

^Mantis Pleats, a/w 1989

^Starburst Pleats, a/w 1998

from book issey miyake by irving penn 1989:

^Mutant Pleats over Tattoo Body, a/w 1989

^Bamboo Pleats, a/w 1989

from book belgian fashion design:

^Olivier Theyskens, a/w 1998

^Walter van Beirendonck, a/w 1995

^Walter van Beirendonck, a/w 1997 (notice the lumps above the models' eyes)

^Walter van Beirendonck, s/s 1998

^from Margiela's 1997 exhibit of clothes treated with various molds/mildews. as the treated garments sat unmoving in the museum displays, the organic matter continued to spread over and discolor the garments. while fashion designers conventionally present clothes on models (i.e., the living being displays the garment), the thought behind this collection was a reversal, i.e., that the garment displays the living matter."


Junya Watanabe


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Wow. What an amazing compilation of images and collections, many of which I haven't thought about tin a long time...


Money Tuff said...

cool beans!

arisu said...

yea amazing post!

emily said...

Amazing post! Thank you.

Marina said...

I remeber almost everything!Looking at works of Galliano, Tisci and Mcqueen I always think that their clothes is more than fashion, it is pure art. Fashion world without this genius men will be poor.
great compilation!

Gerry said...

You showed so much gorgeous stuff here I don't even know where to begin.

McQueen is amazing, obviously. SS01 I think was really what made me fall in love with his work completely. Even when I watch the videos now I get chills down my spine....

While there's no denying Galliano's talent, I never really had the same attachment to him as I did to McQueen... maybe because I feel like his best work was done in the mid to late 90s and I've seen very little of it..

I hadn't seen any of Riccardo Tisci's work pre-Givenchy, but I think you've instilled a small love in me for him....

I guess you already know, but great compilation of pictures. Thank you!