Saturday, January 24, 2009

windowshoppin' with JJ

Retailers in Italy are going crazy with the sales... last night I snapped a few pics while I window shopped in downtown Modena. I spared you a pic of the drool puddle in front of every store.

click for bigger pic.

1st up, Premiere, a boutique that stocks Prada, Sergio Rossi, Casadei and Marsell...

Marsell boots...

2nd shop: Montorsi, stocks Balenciaga, Lanvin, Alaia, Jil Sander... WOAH

Balenciaga bags

I spy some Lanvin footwearz...

3d stop: D'Adani. Stocks YSL, Chloe, Fendi, Gucci. They also have the mind-blowing Zagliani bags that make me want to break the window and flee with my arms full off puffy python goodness.

Regular leather Zagliani

YSL suit

Even though their windows were kinda bleak, the Fendi booties and turquoise/teal YSL bag really stood out. Look at that leather on the YSL!!

4th stop: Altamoda, my fav... stocks Ann D, Miu Miu, Pierre Hardy and Margiela... unsurprisingly they choose the least showstopping, extravagant shoes for their window as the Modenese are tragically conservative in their tastes...!
Earlier this season I did see they put the Ann D triple lace boots on display... boots like that can't be hidden away. They didn't last that long, though :(

I think I see some 'gold cube' Pierre Hardys in this picture!!

In case anyone's interested in me doing a pickup drop me a line and we'll work something out!



a vision of neon said...

loving the sales pictures!

Lola Re said...


Marina said...

I want all this shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerry said...

Mmm... I wish I could have seen more Marsells.... Lucky you :)

Blogger said...

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