Monday, January 5, 2009

My brother and cousin came to visit me for the holidays, so me and D took them sightseeing. We went to Venice and it was particularly freezing that day, so cold it hurt to expose the tiniest bit of skin!!

nothing new outfit-wise or color-wise, hard to play around with fashion in 0 degrees celsius :( but I guess I want to start posting outfits again.

another pic from a museum in Turin, same junk... excuse the grainy pic quality, my camera decided to take a day off:

I'm not trying to be mysterious, I just erased out my face because the funky lighting made it look like I had a 'stache.


thesearchforchic said...

You look amazing a dark strong look.. where are your gloves from? Are they patent?

I have also been wearing my RO no stop it is so cold just in a rather dull way with jeans and cons..

JJ said...

thanks :) my gloves are patent, they are Maison Fabre which makes pretty amazing gloves..!
I do like it to be cold but not THIS cold... I want to be able to wear the rest of my jackets!!

Marina said...

I'm so happy that you are back!You look so good in this warm outfit!I love your gloves too!!!!