Sunday, January 11, 2009

new thangs

here are a couple of things that I got over the last few months. Issey Miyake puffy skirt and Givenchy FW03 jacket.
The Miyake is the funnest piece ever, when you take it off it's just a tube of puffy material with drawstrings on both ends. D told me it looked like a sleeping bag case, lulz. I think it's super fun!

The FW03 Julien Mcdonald Givenchy is such a score... tons and tons of zippers... Lampo zippers, to be exact!
I am a zipper elitist. I promise to make a post about Riris and Lampos in the near future to tell you all about my fixation.

You can't see them very well but I'm wearing some charcoal grey wool tights that I splattered with black paint... they're pretty cool.


Marina said...

You look great!I love your skirt and jacket too!You always find smth unique, I love wearing pieces from old collection because it always look fresh!amazing outfit!

Fashion Is Poison said...

the jacket is a serious score

Jessie77 said...

I'm obsessed with this outfit! LOVE IT!!

and I'm adding a link to your blog, wanna trade links?