Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...que chingados...???

okay, this is just all kinds of wrong. I have refrained on commenting on KVA's shiteous ss09 collection for Dior but this cannot go unaddressed.

I was browsing one of my regular forums when this ad from Luisaviaroma appeared


yes folks, he did.
he **went there**.

Our creative genius Kris Van Assche asked a mexican bead jewelry vendor to whip this "necklace" up for him.

do you know how much this is going to cost you?

two hundred twenty-nine motha f*ckin euros!!! you can get them for $5 at the market in the Zocalo!! and that's already pretty expensive!!

This is unforgivable, KVA. I urge anyone who is reading to boycott this product and go buy from their nearest Mexican bracelet maker, there's bound to be one near you, wherever in the world you may be. You can even choose from a lot of way better designs, too!

Scary how LVR actually bought this from his collection, especially since retailers are buying surefire sellers. They really expect this to sell. for 229 euros.

Amor o muerte?? I choose muerte!!!


matt said...

omg i remember seeing this when it first came on their website!! so funny.... i never though lvr had clientele that could potentially be classified as "fresas with serious money to burn"! lol

Marina said...

I'm sure that fashion maniacs will buy this ..... accessory(if we call this accessory))))
I remember my school friend made such bracelets.
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Raych said...


Anonymous said...

god can he get any worse? I mean really!!!!!!!