Wednesday, December 16, 2009

exactly ***what**** happened to Pauric Sweeney?? I'm not sure if a lot of people are familiar with his bags but a few years ago when he appeared on the scene his bags (and the Chloe python silverado) ignited my strongly burning love for anything scaly.

This bag on the arm of a certain hollywood hag that shall not be named became my obsession, and thus many an Ebay saved search ensued.

I eventually got over PS bags, but today while I was looking through the Yoox sale I found that his gorgeous python & patent leather creations had evolved into



I dont even....

(this is me @ the Pauric Sweeney showroom)

it's like running into that hot-ass guy you hopelessly lusted after in high school after 5 years and finding he put on 20kgs and is wearing a snuggie and crocs.*

Something similar is going on at the McQueen accessories dept... it looks like they hired someone from the Marc by MJ team to overdesign this Novak/Elvie/whatever

I mean... what is it with that useless diagonal zipper with its clumsy pull?

buckles, snap buttons, contrasting trim.

and this black one? it's not as offensive but still completely anonymous and pretty MBMJ'ed

I know that the blog has been a festering cesspool of negativity lately so here is one that I do like:

Not all is lost at the McQueen accessories dept!! VERQ!


guys I think Blumarine wants to bring back the Dior Gambler...



*this actually happened to me**

** the subject in question wasn't wearing a snuggie, but he might as well have been

pics from: purseblog, bagwhiz, yoox,


Anonymous said...

effing awesome post.

Modelizer said...

omg they all look soooo cheap...kind of like lohan. it's expensive, you know you should want it, but it's a waste of skin. maybe she should think about being the face of the company in the future?

Chen said...

Amen after kneeling to your razor sharp tongue...

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

you're amazing. we need to be friends asap.