Sunday, December 27, 2009


Merry (insert whatever you might be celebrating)!!

I'm not a huge Christmas person so please forgive the lack of holiday cheer on the blog.

I haven't given up on Xmas completely though.. how can I when the best part is the food??!

This little box of joy is only available during the holiday season. If you are ever in Italy in the winter, do NOT pass up the chance to eat either the traditional Pandoro or Panettone, possibly accompanied by a Moscato or any other dessert wine... YUM!!

In other news, here is a pic of me and my assistant keepin' it realz after gobbling up kilos and kilos of BaccalĂ ...

BF's vintage burberry shades, custom made sheepskin gilet


Luzhilda said...

Mmmmm Panettone... Christmas is worth it after all... :)

Anonymous said...

panettone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uymmy yummy!

Lola Re said...

ure too much!!

Lola Re (big dinosaur grin!)