Thursday, September 4, 2008

Camilla Skovgaard FW08

Hey readers, take a gander at the new Camilla Skovgaard FW08 collection. They have sent me pictures as their site is down. As usual, she didn't disappoint!

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my picks: the hairy pump. I love how the 'hair' is perfectly brushed, haha! one needs new terms to describe these shoes. I'm gonna go with freaky-elegant. The 5th pair looks like some Louboutins I drooled over a year or so ago, they had a spiderweb cutout on the front. These look very similar to them, simply gorgeous.

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I am at a loss. Both the grey-suede buckle bootie and the grey strappy sandal are killing me. It's something about this color, so versatile. I'm not afraid of the suede, as I am of the "the grungier, the better" school of thought. You know how Chucks are never supposed to look new? well, this is the same thing.
The black version of the strappy sandals (last pic) is pretty amazing as well, reminiscent of the successful Givenchy gladiator sandals of SS08.

I adore the dynamic, curving lines of the boot, but I'm not really feeling the toe. I might need to see more angles.

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Out of this bunch, the only shoe I'm really loving is the black ankle boot. I'm not sure how I feel about the first two iridescent shoes. I love how it looks like oil on water, but the rainbowy tones kind of turn me off.

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again, the gorgeous taupe-ish beige. I think I'm dying for all 3.

What shoes are you dying for this season?

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glory said...

hola....larga encantaron varios de los modelotitos en especial lo negros con cabello(sera humano)??? y los botines taupe, yo si le tengo miedo ala gamuza pero seimpre teermino comprando algo de ese material cada invierno....saludos
hey y te faltaron pix de tus vaciones en mexxxxx..besos

Marina said...

Your blog really inspire me!I love your shoes choice, how you discover new designers and brands. U are Unique!

JJ said...

glory: ya pondre mis fotos de mexico!! me la pase increible :D
y no le tengas miedo a la gamuza! los zapatos estan hechos para ser pisoteados :P

marina: thank you for your kind words <3<3 I love finding not-so-popular brands because you can really find some gems out there!