Saturday, September 20, 2008


^^ photog Chadwick Tyler captures wood nymphs frolicking around a creek in the woods.

John William Waterhouse: Nymphs finding the head of Orpheus (study) - 1900
"Nymphs finding the head of Orpheus" - John William Waterhouse, 1900


beccajanie said...

These photos are ethereal and lovely.

Anonymous said...

The blonde girl in the last photo is covered with lanugo, the fine, downy hair that covers your body when you're born and when you're malnourished.

paralian said...

Very nice pictures. You must be a photographer :)

I didn't notice until Anonymous pointed it out, but yeah the last girl isn't as pretty as the others because she's really skinny.

paralian said...

PS: Sorry for the double post but those cookies in the header look delicious.