Friday, September 19, 2008

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I doNOT like the Comme des Garcons collab with LV. Since Vuitton has been going in a very experimental direction with their bags (see the Pulp, Firebird and BonBon) I expected something crazy, or at least interesting.

Rei, why did you go for the incredibly boring and unsightly monogram canvas w/ vachetta?
are you trying to make a statement by using the most iconic LV combination and just tweaking it a tiny bit?
maybe they're "genius" and there's a deeper explanation for these designs. I would like to know it, because right now my opinion is bordering on a very superficial "wow, those are ugly".

so now girls are going to clean out H&M come the new CdG collection, wear their Speedy (or their mother's Alma) and think they're soo "high fashion". lol wut?

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even though I can't deny that these girls are definitely werking it.

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glory said...

arg odio las bolsas con monograma de lv en especial en cafe, no me parecen para nada combinables ni bonitas por aca quien usa una se cree que trae algo asi como una birkin jajaja estan super quemadas, para pagar miles de dlls mejor una mcqueen o minimo prada jajaja....