Monday, September 29, 2008

doin' it yo self

On the few days I have between the end of finals and the beginning of class I can just let loose and do whatever. Go to fashion shows(hah), veg out, and DIY...!

I love going through my closet and digging out stuff I don't wear anymore (or haven't worn at all), only to update it and make it wearable somehow. Some pieces are just too horrible to rescue, but some come out pretty damn cool and are inserted into my regular wardrobe again. Yay!

Case in point, a pair of skinny H&M black satin pants. Not exactly ugly or unwearable, but they were were pretty much taking up space on a hanger. I was feeling pretty inspired after the Rad Hourani ss09 show in NY and decided to give the pants a little makeover.


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the look that started the madness..

and the end result:




Since winter is coming I think I'll be wearing them with grey tights underneath. I love them!!!!

forgot to add today's outfit

I need to smile more in pics :P


Marina said...

You look like gothic princess!I like your hard rock style!

Mark said...

Very nice work, darling, and I love the way you hid behind the arch! lol

- une mandarine

chauss said...

wow, impressive cutting!

Anonymous said...

wow, what you did with those trousers looks amazing! did you just cut it and leave the raw edge or did you have to do a crazy amount of hemming?! i hope not!

Fashion Is Poison said...

wooooow. i'm going goo goo gah gah right now


LOve your style. I will put your blog on my favourites!!

JJ said...

I didn't hem them as I would've probably gone INSANE... haha... I did however apply some clear nail polish, which kinda took forever but I'm guessing still less than hemming each strip..!! thanks for your compliments guys, I can't wait to wear these...

gnarlitude jen said...

epic diy trousers.
where's that shirt from? i like it a lot.

gilda said...

hello!!! those cut up strips look amazing! and they look good on you. :D