Thursday, September 18, 2008


Some pics from last night. I was feeling like I needed some color, so I put on a hot pink sweater!

requisite arty shots



trench: mango(I put in brass buttons, took out the plastic ones)
sweater: asola
jeans: ande whall
shoes: chloe

I know I just said a few posts back that I'm holding off buying stuff from the high street, but I mistakenly went into the Zara thread at TFS and discovered that they are selling the highly covetable pair of grey jeans amidst all the Balmain rip-offs.

to get or not to get? I already have a pair of grey jeans!


Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

I am seriously in love w/ the Zara pants. Perfect length, perfect detailing, perfect structure. OMG.
And I like how you rolled up the sweater/shirt/trench together.

JJ said...

hey Dana!
thanks for the compliment :) and those pictured are the Balmain pants.... if they were the Zara's it would be too good to be true!
the girl on TFS said they were just like them except for the zippers. If I make a Zara shopping trip soon i'll report back on my findings.

Mark said...

Get the grey pants! kopp kopp kopp

I bought a second pair of grey pants so you can too.

I like the pic of you on the cobbled street.

- une mandarine

Anonymous said...

I say get the grey pants, they are really cute!