Friday, September 12, 2008

JNCO's are back


I understand that wide-legged/"boyfriend" jeans are what's going on now and some people are making it work, but did you have to bring back JNCOs from their well-deserved 90's grave?

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watch out, she's gonna bust out some glowsticks from that Birkin and start twirling them!

for those who are not familiar with JNCOs:

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glory said...

ho nooooo esos pantalones estan fuera de control... solo los cholos los usan en esta momento... y la katy homeless perdon holmes

JJ said...

glory: ya se...!!! namas no le atina... quiere ser bien "trendsetter" y no le sale... se ve super mal siempre :(

Covet said...

loll. I remember jncos from 6th grade. Great post!