Saturday, September 6, 2008


some pics from my recent vacation in Mexico.

a party is not a party without red plastic cups.
dress: rick owens, belt: noir

me and my boo prepartying... we hit up Love in Mexico City where madness ensued.
me: RO jacket
michelle: DRKSHDW hoodie

eating disgustingly good chips with tons of Maggi sauce, lemon and Valentina hot sauce. If you're mexican you know exactly what I'm talking about, and are probably thinking why we didn't put more condiments on them.
top: Hussein Chalayan
jeans: Ande Whall

I promise to post up more pics soon.. I do have a lot but 98% of them aren't exactly flattering to say the least. stay tuned!!


Marina said...

I love your photos. So funny, so you!
P.S. I love boots on you fron last pic!

glory said...

ummm me encantantan las papas con tanta cosa encima... solo te falto la salsa inglasa jajajaja.y necesitamos una mejor vista de esa blusa de chalayan.....saludillos.