Monday, June 30, 2008

I <3 ebay

I found these gorgeous fw07 Nicholas Kirkwood shoes on Ebay for an absolute steal. I thought finding hidden, high-end treasures at real bargain prices was a thing of the past!

I cannot wait till they get to me.. I will post lots of pictures once they do!!




Marina said...

I like it so much. esp heels. incredible!

Anonymous said...

love the shoes but i always wonder what you would wear with such structured heels.



JJ said...

Marina: those cone heels did it for me :P

Danny: chunky shoes are surprisingly easy to wear! I pair them with a slim silhouette, such as skinny pants and a light tank top or tee for spring. for winter I will be wearing them with a mini and thick black/gray tights. I promise to post pictures of them (and possible outfits) when they get to me :)

Fashion Is Poison said...

ooo so good!