Thursday, June 19, 2008

JJ in motion


hey guys... this is me today. the BF captured the silliness that is me on my bike. This bike was sold to me by an old man while I was wandering around in the Monday market... he asked if I was interested in buying a bike and I said yes (I really was, but a lot of them were out of my budget). He said "look, I will sell you this bike for 25 euros. It belonged to my sister who died a few months ago, it's been in the garage for ages and no one uses it." I was like, you got yourself a deal my man. I sped off after handing him the cash, happy as a clam!



bonus pic of my gladiators.


benetton tank, tar-jhay pants, zara sandals


chauss said...

fun, jj, i think you should decorate the bike basket with a bit of raffia ?


just realized you had a blog. how fab! am adding you link into my faves blogroll! ;)

JJ said...

Chauss: that sounds like a fun idea... I might even go overboard and put glittery streamers on the handlebars... ahh to be a little kid again!!

fashion chalet: thank you for the add!! I will add you as well :)

Marina said...

So nice photos!Natural beauty!

chauss said...

jj, streamers, yes...colors of the rainbow. and i will always be a little kid....