Friday, June 6, 2008

Tag part deux

I have been tagged again by the lovely Chauss. I guess there are different types of tags because this one asks me to list 6 quirks of mine!

1. When I sneeze, I do 3 in a row. ALWAYS.

2. I am fluent in 3 languages. When I go to a touristy city, I can play the part of the tourist or pretend to be a native depending on what I feel like doing!

3. I think slightly messy bed hair is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Even more if the outfit is very clean/sleek, it gives the ensemble a very nonchalant "oh this old thing?" vibe to it, even if you're decked out in Balenciaga SS07.

4. My favorite drinks are Montenegro on the rocks and the Americano, I love bitter/sweet flavors.

5. I am VERY picky about lighting. I get antsy if I am in a room with low-wattage bulbs or fluorescent "office" blue tinged lights. Lighting must be very white and very intense...My dream house will have wall-to-wall windows and strategically placed halogen lights all around!

6. I am convinced that when you dream about someone, it's because they have been thinking about you.

I already tagged people in the last tag so I'm doing this just for the sake of sharing a bit of myself with my readers :P


chauss said...

thanks for playing. i thought this was a good one...

Fashion Is Poison said...

what languages do you speak? I speak 3, too!!

JJ said...

fashion: I speak spanish, english and italian fluently :P spanish and english due to my mexican mother and american father, italian because I currently live in Italy!
what about you??

The Divinitus said...

5 and 6 similar ! :)

btw i could go for some dirty martini right now, and 4 olives.

Anonymous said...

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