Wednesday, July 2, 2008

buy 4 me plz

A collage of things I have had my eye on recently.


I like gray, taupe and all it's derivatives... does it show?!?
so easy to wear and easy on the eyes.


Marina said...

Love your choice. I want to buy Chloe peep-toe boots too and i like this PP black dress and belt. Good taste!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am along with you on that one! grey and taupe are both lovely... and of course everything in between those colours. i like your choice of the chloe boot! =)

chauss said...

i already tried on the chloe suede peep toe boots and ran out bc i know i want sooooooooooooooo many boots this season.

and cristian peau bag, so hard to find in US. where?

JJ said...
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JJ said...

whoops, I messed up the last post.
I knew the Chloes would be a huge hit!! I just hope they really make them that high.
Chauss, isn't the Christian Peau bag incredible? I found it on an italian e-shop based in Milan (kind of like Luisaviaroma). Here is the address: