Friday, July 11, 2008


Right now my obsession focuses on the perfect angular shoulder... not an easy feat for a designer. It gives a powerful punch to a clean silhouette.


so what about obtuse angles? nothing is impossible! I'm sure there is some crazy Mugler or Rabanne suit out there with obtuse-angled shoulders.


bizzy said...

there must be some room in your analysis for gareth pugh...

p.s. from one engineer to another --
forget mugler, you need look no further than your own collage to find obtusely angled shoulders.

JJ said...

how silly of me to overlook that... I drew obtuse angles on the 1st balenciaga!! :P and the gareth pugh is in a league of its own. those are some implicit function shoulders right there.

Fashion Is Poison said...

i LOVE your wishlist. did you want that bal jacket..? it was on sale at barneys when i went in Nov of 07 for $400...i got the pink one! wish i would have known girl! i really wanted that one too before getting the pink one but it was really stiff. <3