Tuesday, November 10, 2009

yeah, this is one of those annoying "omg i want i need, i die, i choke, rachel zoe-isms, etc" posts commonly encountered around the blogs, but I cannot help it. The thigh- high JPG cut-out Docs and I are meant to be.

At first I decided to try contacting JPG directly to find out cost, points of sale, etc., but their website doesn't have any emails listed, only a very annoying contact form. Contact forms suck ass. I like to write my emails from the comfort of my super mario-themed gmail account. That aside, no one ever answered back... so I contacted Doc Martens UK which kindly gave me the soul-crushing news that the thigh highs were press/runway only, and that only the 14-eyelet version would be produced for sale.

Why such surefire sellers are not to be manufactured is beyond me.. they are not insane feats of construction or labor (sup nina ricci/mcqueen embroidered hooves)

From my humble point of view all of the extra modifications that go into a thigh-high JPG Doc are easily adaptable into the existing DM production line... apparently the laser cutout process isn't a problem seeing as they're doing the 14-eyelets so it's a no-brainer for me, though I am curious to know why.

If you need the 14-eyelets in your life they will be for sale at the DM shop on
Neal Street,
London. They will not have them in stock until mid to end of December.

The shop offers a mail order service and their telephone number is 0207

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Teresa said...

Thank you. I've been wondering when the Gaultier Docs were coming out. This is the first time I've seen the thigh high versions. They are really quite amazing but I wonder how practical it is when you bend your knee. The material does not seem all that supple. I guess it doesn't matter either way. :(

L said...

NOOO! But I loved the thigh highs! Ugh, typical. Now I'll have to find some other low boots to drool over.

ag said...

Tell me one thing. There is only one Raquel Zimmermann and this photo is photoshoped, right? :D

JJ said...

Teresa: I must admit I did not consider the comfort factor... I was willing to bear with the hard leather though. *swoon*

L: Join me in my crying and shaking :(

ag: No that's actually Raquel and her twin brother.

(no seriously though, it's only her.. but I effin' wish she had a twin brother, LAWLZ)

Lola Re said...

hahaha i CHOKE!

Lola Re


yo this shit is goona blow up on DIY blogs!!

brian ashby said...

i am heartbroken to hear this news!!!! you can still get the 14 eye version though! i still love that one :'(