Tuesday, November 10, 2009


taking a quick study break to post one of my recent outfitz

comme des garcons coat
zara stripy sweater
dsquared blackwatch tartan skirt
chloe wedges

yes, you guys read correctly, that is me actually ..:::**WeAriNg**:::.... Dsquared. I bought this shit at a multibrand sample sale I had to line up for, and since the the selection was not good I picked the lesser of the many evils that were for sale just for the sake of not leaving empty handed.
It is actually pretty gorgeous. Top-notch quality aside, it has an insane bright yellow lining that looks perfect against the dark blue/green.
I did, however, Westwoodify it a little it by way of strategically placed safety pins... the shape was kind of boring, and dare I say it, matronly even... no wonder it was at the sample sale!! of course only the hooker version made it into stores (which was a teeny, asscheek-grazing pleated scrap, begging to be paired with uggs).

Besides the skirt, there were a few things Dsquared that didn't make me cringe, only to have an insider friend of mine later explain that there is many a young talent working on the design team. o i c.

I couldn't resist trying this cropped jacket on tho

bitches were throwin' shade left and right


Marina said...

Love your outfit so much!You know I think that sometimes we can find great pieces in any boutique or shop. DSquared was very popular in Russia few years ago with their huge-labled-jeans and Tees.I hate that things because it screams: I was made by Dsquared!, but know I think that any brand could live in my wardrobe.
You always find great combinations of clothes. Wonderful look!



i love this!!