Tuesday, November 10, 2009


"The Making of a Chanel 2.55"

...Over 30 new models are produced each year, forming part of the House’s seven annual collections. 6 to 15 people are working for up to 18 hours (depending on the material) on one Chanel "2.55". While in the past, up to 80% of all bags produced were black, they represent only 50% of the diverse range proposed today.

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Hardly the image of a highly exclusive luxury product... Jesus it's like someone broke into a replica factory with a DSLR

pics from fashionoffice.org via bagcraze.blogspot.com


visionaire said...

en masse comes to mind! not a good thing to see but reality! if they have any cushioned leather over they could send me some!!


Heini said...

I´ve heard it takes over 300 different work sections to make one of those 2.55s. It´s really great they show these pics how they´re made.