Friday, March 5, 2010

Sorry D-twins, but there's no foolproof strategy to make an "it" shoe. Someone on the design team eschewed good design and taste for a clusterfuck of the "it" design elements spanning at least two years back.

("it". There, that's three)

-Curved heel
- Sculpture heel
- platforms
- thigh highs
- ****edginess***

It's just a goddamn boring ass platform boot with a skeleton heel added for the wow factor. Since when do D2 even go there? skeletons? Using skeletons & bones as a gimmick is beyond tired.


The Starving Stylist said...

i had absolutelyyyyyyy no idea it was a skeleton as a heel. . .i saw the runway pictures today and saw the boots from the front only but never did I see the back of the outfits or side! hmmmm. . . .

Marina said...

Dsquared are so boring. I hate their cheap chic style. Suitable for russian barbie girls from early 2000's