Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tru$t fun!

how amazing to be swathed in a colorful silk blanket of fractals..

Trust fun scarves

Sydney design collective's interview on The Selby.
(Note the Bernhard Willhelm shoes)
For shame that I did not know them already via their mag Petit Mal (that was responsible for the Pride of Pradastan comic phenomenon)!

let us refresh our memories with Petit Mal issue 1 ss07:,, theselby


Lola Re said...

good LORD, you are fierce!!!!!!! :o)

Fierce or Farce? said...

i don't know how i lived my life without knowing about trust fun!!! i'm longing to be swathed in those tdf scarves now....and their jewelry, don't get me started on their JEWELRY....ahhh!! xx